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The Right Pack Consultancy

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Making sustainable packaging an easy reality for your business

Are you unsure what the future might hold for your business‘ packaging?

Do you have a great packaging concept in mind, but struggling to make it a reality?

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be confusing.

The Right Pack Consultancy can help answer your questions surrounding packaging and sustainability.  MULTIVAC UK has a team of packaging experts who can help you make the right decisions for your business, your customers and with legislation in mind.

We help you push boundaries through new packaging formats for your products. Our expert services help to turn your vision into reality and put new concepts into production.

We aim to cut out the ‘greenwashing‘ and create a factual based approach to help build confidence in your important packaging choices. With our Right Pack Consultancy, we can create a plan for your business, incorporating the latest technology to put you at the forefront of packaging innovation.

MULTIVAC’s team of Materials experts are skilled and experienced individuals who can support the below services.

Film & Machine Analysis

A review of your current packaging materials and machinery to create a full report to identify prospects for change and cost-saving opportunities, including OPRL assessments, UK PACT and CEFLEX design guidelines.

Packaging Formats & Machinery

Combine machine knowledge, the latest innovative technology and material expertise to offer a complete solution for a faster result to market. We support in helping optimise current machinery or investment in a new solution.

Sustainability Goal Creation

Create realistic goals to ensure sustainability, recyclability and the environment an important consideration for your business.

Circular Economy

Creating a circular economy is the most sustainable future for packaging. Packaging concepts must be designed with a circular economy at the forefront of our minds.

MULTIVAC are market leaders in packaging machinery and can design future-proof packaging formats that not only fit into a sustainable model but can be easily implemented into the market using new and existing MULTIVAC machinery.

The circular economy is not just creating the next material type that solves an ecological problem. We must ensure that new materials run in the production environment efficiently, whilst improving the manufacturing process.

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Ocean Protected

One Polymer Pack


Our Success

Ocean Protected plastic for retail packed products

MULTIVAC UK recently partnered with Ocean-Fish to innovate its packaging. 100% of their retail packed products were relaunched using Ocean Protected plastic trays or PE vacuum bags. This sustainable and recyclable packaging solution is helping drive a circular economy.

Industry-leading Sustainability Event

MULTIVAC provided a platform for five industry speakers to deliver valuable insight into the circular economy topic, and arguably one of the greatest challenges the food and packaging industries have ever faced; the reduction of plastic packaging waste.

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