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Slicer solution for new lines

For configuration of an automated slicer line with thermoforming packaging, the use of a MULTIVAC horizontal loader provides unparalleled output and efficiency.

The horizontal loader is a product-friendly and hygienic loading system for sliced products that can be fully integrated into a thermoforming packaging machine. Thanks to the use of the horizontal loader, only very small height differences (if any) have to be bridged between the slicer and the thermoforming packaging machine. This reduces the slipping of the portions and increases the loading accuracy while also minimising the need for manual corrective interventions. Product transfer with a very small height difference also enables the optimum transfer angle to be achieved between the infeed conveyor and the pack, making the transfer particularly consistent and reliable.

By integrating the loading system into the thermoforming packaging machine, the footprint of a slicer line can be noticeably reduced. The particularly precise and gentle product transfer also enables high output.



Line modules

  • Slicer
  • Thermoforming packaging machine
    with integrated horizontal loader



  • Highest possible output
  • High personnel efficiency
  • Production of all common portion shapes
  • Reduced footprint through integration of the loading module into
    the thermoforming packaging machine
  • Variable number of tracks
  • Easy cleaning
  • Unrestricted accessibility to the packaging machine




Thermoforming packaging machine with MULTIVAC horizontal loader

By integrating the loading module into the thermoforming packaging machine, it controls the loading process in addition to the packaging procedure. This includes aligning, buffering and inserting the portions. The thermoforming packaging machine automatically adjusts its cycle output to the output of the slicer to prevent downtime and empty packs. This contributes to continuous production as well as to an increase in the availability of the slicer line.