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Professional vacuum packing

Achieve optimum packaging results for various products with 6 simple, basic rules

Packaging tips

  • Cleanliness

 Basic essentials for maintaining shelf life: only work if your hands are clean or you are wearing gloves, and only work on a clean surface and with implements which are free of product residue.

  • Freshness

 Use products which are as fresh as possible. In this way you will achieve the maximum shelf life, and aromas will also be retained as much as possible.

  • Temperature

 The colder the product to be packed is, the higher the vacuum which can be physically achieved, and this means the longer the shelf life of the product.

  • Information about the vacuum pouch

 The vacuum pouch should be generously sized. Make sure when filling the pouch that the pouch neck remains clean. Use boilable film pouches, if the content has to be heated up at a later stage. Special shrink pouches enable excess pouch material to be shrunk back by dipping in hot water.

  • Packing liquids

 Products containing liquid can be positioned conveniently with the sloping insert and the magnetic angle bracket. If the liquid begins to boil (formation of bubbles), the maximum vacuum has been reached. End the evacuation process by pressing the vacuum quick-stop button.

  • Modified atmosphere packaging

 Inert gas protects the pack content against mechanical stress and it extends its shelf life. The chamber machine has to be equipped with a gas flushing system, and the modified atmosphere must be matched to the pack content.

Packing in the butcher's shop

Pack hygienically and efficiently

More than 50 years ago, Sepp Haggenmüller, the founder of the MULTIVAC company, supplied his first chamber machine to a butcher's shop. And even today, there is no other sector where vacuum packing has so many self-evident and useful benefits.

From storage packs for maturing product, through pre-portioned products for sale at the counter, and right up to the complete packaging service for your customers: your staff can pack efficiently, confidently and reliably with BASELINE chamber machines, which are simple to operate and to clean. In the production room and at the counter. And in many other places as well.

Packing in the kitchen

Pack with confidence. À la minute.

Whether it is for à la carte dining, event and party services, in centralised kitchens or in airline catering, BASELINE chamber machines are professional packaging machines, which enable your staff to achieve perfect packaging results all the time.

The simple operation, as well as the reliable ease of cleaning, make a BASELINE chamber machine the ideal helper in the kitchen, and one which is ideally equipped in practice for the special requirements of gastronomic businesses.

Packing in cheese dairies

Pack hygienically and efficiently

Other applications for the flexible MULTIVAC BASELINE chamber machines are the production of retail self-service packs for local supermarkets and village shops, as well as a complete packaging service for your customers.

The use of special maturing packs, which enable large cheese blocks to mature reliably and consistently with low weight loss, is an established standard in many cheese dairies.

Packing technical products

Secure and efficient protection

Vacuum packaging offers consumer goods and industrial products secure protection against oxygen, moisture and other environmental influences. With BASELINE chamber machines, it is possible to pack products efficiently and cost-effectively, even in small batches, such as electronic products, household and office items, spare parts and semi-manufactured products, home improvement and DIY products, toys and petcare products etc.

Packing for sale at the counter

Packing as a service to customer

It is becoming increasingly important with sale at the counter to offer a packaging service. The benefits for the customer are clear, even if the packaging service is only available from a certain quantity or at a small surcharge:

  • product, which is not required immediately, can be stored freshly and hygienically in the refrigerator by the customer, or it can be frozen for convenience
  • marinated products do not leak through the packaging, even with purchases stored over a long period
  • the aromas of different products are not able to become mixed together


You can offer your customers an additional service with the BASELINE chamber machines, which are simple to operate and which can fit onto the smallest counter.