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TX 710

Category: Automatic traysealers

High-performance, reliable, flexible, future-proof

The TX 710 traysealer covers a wide spectrum of food packaging applications, ranging from fruit and vegetables through to meat, sausage, fish, poultry, and dairy products and right up to ready meals of all types.

Thanks to its mechanical construction, which is both robust and space-saving, and its innovative machine control featuring Flow Manager and Multi Sensor Control, the TX 710 is capable of packing with maximum flexibility and consistent reliability - even at very high output in non-stop mode. The TX 710's groundbreaking die concept, X-tools, is a further guarantee of unrivalled versatility and pack quality.

In order to simplify the process when setting up new products, trays and films, the TX 710 can be connected online with MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, which automatically sets the machine parameters. This makes it possible to achieve a very quick production start - even with new pack or product applications. The TX 710 also offers the opportunity of online access to the MULTIVAC Smart Services, allowing machine efficiency to be increased still further.

Automatic traysealers

The automatic traysealers from MULTIVAC are suitable for industrial use - for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. They seal trays made from various materials, such as plastic, aluminium, cardboard and foamed materials, as well as a large variety of cover films. These machines enable a fast and efficient pack output with gentle tray handling. They are suited for the manufacture of packaging with MAP and EMAP packs, as well as vacuum skin packs. The automatic traysealers can be equipped with various modules and thereby expanded into automatic lines.

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Automatic traysealers:
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    Multi Sensor Control

    The TX 710 is equipped with a comprehensive sensor system. Multi Sensor Control captures the relevant process values from the die in real time, and it optimises these to the limits of what is physically possible. Thanks to this, the TX 710 always runs at virtually the optimum operating point. This contributes to its very high output and reliability, as well as maximum pack quality.


    X-tools are a new die generation, which was developed for our TX traysealer series. Thanks to the integrated sensors, the die top section is automatically detected during a die change, and the data set stored in the die is transferred to the machine control. This makes the die change particularly quick and reliable, even when dies are being changed between different machines. As an optional extra, other die parts and the grippers can be identified by means of RFID technology. The X-tools are simple to clean and maintain thanks to a reduced number of components and easy access to vacuum and gas lines. Due to their extremely high and evenly distributed sealing force, they make a major contribution to consistently high pack quality.

    Flow Manager

    The innovative Flow Manager controls the powerful servo drives on the TX 710. It ensures that time sequences for the entire packaging procedure, from the infeed to the discharge of the packs, are synchronised with each other perfectly. This creates a packaging procedure, which is gentle on the product and gives a very even product flow. If the product flow deviates from the target value, it is automatically adjusted by the Flow Manager. At the same time the Multi Sensor Control optimises the process values for the die, and this also contributes to the very high level of reliability and maximum pack quality.

    RFID recognition for format-related parts

    If the TX 710 is equipped with RFID recognition for format-related parts, the machine control automatically performs a reconciliation to check that the top and bottom sections of the die, as well as the dividers and grippers, are all compatible. This makes the die change even more simple and reliable, particularly if several die sets are being used.

    Die set protection

    MULTIVAC Die Set Protection (MDP) detects protruding products and interrupts the packaging procedure, before the die is closed. This prevents longer periods of machine downtime, which may be caused by contamination or damage.

    Register mark control

    Register mark control enables register printed film to be run consistently. It ensures that the print image is positioned precisely on the tray.

    Equipment for quick and ergonomic die changes

    The safety-approved accessories for changing and storing dies assist the user in preserving the function and quality of the dies. MULTIVAC die changing trolleys, racking systems and preheating units contribute to maintaining consistent pack quality and reliable production.

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