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R 105

Category: Thermoforming packaging machines for entry-level users

The R 105 thermoforming packaging machine is a needs-based pre-configured model. It is distinguished by its minimal space requirement and attractive price/performance ratio. The R 105 is available with several equipment options.

Thermoforming packaging machines for entry-level users

MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines in the entry-level range process flexible and rigid film with a thickness of up to 400 µm and a film width up to 420 mm. They provide a maximum forming depth of up to 80 mm and a maximum cut-off length of up to 300 mm. 

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Higher output

Faster forming process thanks to preheat forming system

Whereas with the standard forming system the heating of the lower web and the forming process take place one after the other, with the preheat forming system the film is heated by a separate preheating station. This enables a faster forming process to be achieved, which means a cycle output up to 20 percent higher.

Longer cut-off length with preheat forming system

Larger dies enable up to 100 percent more packs per cycle to be produced. 

Accelerated forming process with explosive forming

In the case of the standard forming system, the heated lower web is formed by means of compressed air and/or vacuum. With explosive forming, a faster pressure build-up and a greater volume flow are used. This means that the film is distributed more quickly and evenly in the thermoforming die. The faster forming process increases the cycle output by up to 10 percent. Thanks to better forming of the packs, up to 15 percent thinner films can also be run without any reduction in pack quality. 

By using a forming system with plug assist in the case of packs with a practical thermoforming ratio, the forming of the packs can be further optimised, which means that the film thickness can also be reduced further.


Faster format change 

The greater the number of different pack formats that are to be produced on one machine, the more relevant die change times become. 

In the case of a standard format change, access from above is required to manually change the forming and sealing die parts. This means that either the lower web must be completely run out of the machine or cut out at the corresponding positions. 

Reduced die change times thanks to drawer system

The forming and sealing dies can be equipped with drawer systems. This enables the die bottom section to be pulled out from the side of the machine, and access is consequently easy and ergonomic. There is no need to run the lower web out of the machine or cut it out. This makes the format change not only faster but also safer. Drawer systems enable a time saving of more than 60 percent per format change to be achieved.


Economical production of shaped contour packs

With the standard cutting equipment, the thermoformed packs are cut from the film by means of a cross cutting unit and a longitudinal cutting unit. This system enables rectangular or simple square-cut packs to be produced efficiently. Contour cutters on the other hand separate the packs completely from the film in one operation. This enables shaped contour packs to be produced. 

Up to now the thermoforming packaging machines in the R 1xx series could only be equipped with a cutting unit for shaped contour packs, which was very limited in its flexibility and use. 

Greater level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness thanks to BAS 20 steel strip cutter

The BAS 20 shaped contour cutter now makes it possible to cost-effectively produce shaped contour packs with flexible or rigid film on the R 1xx series.

High level of flexibility thanks to simple conversion

The BAS 20 steel strip cutter is characterised by its ease of conversion. All the format-related parts can be changed quickly and easily from the side. This means that even with small batch sizes it is possible to change the pack contour easily or convert from rigid film to flexible film. 

High level of cost-effectiveness thanks to low investment costs

The investment costs for a BAS 20 are more than 40 percent lower than for comparable systems.

Technical data

Max. outer dimensions L x W x H in mm: 3,500 x 970 x 1,850


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