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MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer worldwide of integrated packaging solutions.
In addition to manufacturing packaging machines, our focus is also on solutions for processing and slicing, labelling and marking, as well as quality inspection and product handling.

Our market position is built on innovative, cutting-edge technology, and a comprehensive product portfolio, as well as our many years of expertise and experience.

Our customers benefit not just from our profound knowledge of processing and automation, but also our well-established closeness to our customers.



Key facts

6,700 employees


165 countries

> 85 subsidiaries

13 production sites


90 % export quota




FRITSCH - For decades the name has stood for groundbreaking innovation in dough forming and processing as well as for top-quality, high-performance equipment in the world of bakery technology. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world.

The passion for dough and technology drives FRITSCH on - and always with the maxim “Passion for Dough”. The company, founded in 1926, offers its customers the right solution for a wide range of products in all output categories - from manual sheeting machines to highly efficient industrial-scale equipment.

FRITSCH became part of the MULTIVAC Group in 2019.

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Since January 2017 TVI has been part of the MULTIVAC Group.

The high-tech systems from TVI represent a notable addition to MULTIVAC‘s packaging machines. The intelligent linking of the various units, which can be digitally networked to Industry 4.0 standards and controlled via one central operating unit, makes it possible to achieve a high level of efficiency and process reliability. All the components of a line are perfectly coordinated with each other.

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Code of Conduct

Within our sector the name MULTIVAC is associated with many defining standards as regards technology efficiency and reliability.
This MULTIVAC Code of Conduct is intended to give an overview of the internal standards and requirements of the MULTIVAC Group.

The standards of conduct are in harmony with the current legislation and an ethical understanding of basic responsibilities. The standards specified here are intended to give guidance to our staff members, customers, suppliers and business partners about the way, in which MULTIVAC conducts itself as a company.

The guidelines described here should not be considered as final and conclusive, but rather as a process of continual development.

If you have any information about possible infringements , please contact the following office, anonymously if preferred:

Code of Conduct:
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Modern Slavery Transparency Statement

Multivac UK is one of 85 international daughter companies of the Multivac group, a market-leading packaging solutions provider. Since our inception in 1985, Multivac UK has supplied goods and services to the UK Market. Our primary business activity is in the sale of capital equipment, consumable materials and technical services into the food and medical industries.
At the core of our business, we support the creation of environments where all people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect; we also expect our suppliers to operate in an ethical and legal manner in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
This statement details Multivac UK’s response to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year to December 2020. We have an active and ongoing commitment to preventing Modern Slavery in any of our business activities and our supply chain. As in previous years, we maintain confidence in having effective systems and controls in place to ensure that Modern Slavery does not exist within our own business. As such, we believe that all risks within our organisation have been substantially mitigated.
We commit on an ongoing basis to take steps to ensure that our suppliers meet our same high standards.

Training and Communication

We continue to use our on-line bespoke e-learning module to raise awareness on the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act for all existing and new employees. During the year we completed our annual review of the content to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date and the content is fit for purpose for our organisation. Our HR Department ensures training is completed and has continued to issue regular communication to employees of the key principles of Modern Slavery and identifying potential incidents.
All current employees have completed the bespoke e-learning module, and new starters complete this module as a requirement of their induction to the business which takes place in their first few weeks.

Risk Assessments

As part of our ongoing due diligence, we have internal risk assessments established for annual review which ensure that we remain compliant and focused on addressing any Modern Slavery risks. One risk assessment covers our internal management of Modern Slavery within Multivac UK, and one covers our supply chain. These risk assessments are undertaken by HR and are supported by the Finance team who are responsible for supplier management. The scale used for these assessments are likelihood versus consequence which gives us a red (high), amber (medium) or green (low) output. Clearly, it is impossible to negate all risk with numerous risk factors outside of our control, however we are working to all risks being green, and therefore maintain a low risk level.
As in previous years, the risks in Multivac UK continue to be low due to the processes we have in place to address Modern Slavery and manage our supplier base more generally. Our Materials business unit would naturally be the area where we have the highest potential exposure to Modern Slavery with film being a price-competitive commodity product, however additional auditing measures through BRC audits strengthen the formality of our processes and relationships with these suppliers.
In this statement year, we are pleased to report that we have not been notified of any breaches or suspected breaches in relation to our supplier base. However, should we be notified, our internal process determines that the initial investigations would be undertaken by HR and the supplier contact, as well as the Multivac UK Senior Management Team.

Supplier Assessments

We undertook a full supplier assessment in the year. As in previous years, any suppliers with whom we have ceased to trade are blocked in our systems in order that should we re-engage them they undergo an up to date Modern Slavery assessment. Our new supplier approvals process has also been reviewed and remains compliant with the legislation.
As a market leading organisation, our organisational priority is always ensuring that the goods and services that we provide our customers meet our high quality standards
At our annual supplier assessment, over 90% of our active suppliers are based in the UK, with our remaining suppliers based predominantly in the EU. This significantly reduces risk in our supply chain as our suppliers will be upholding laws, standards and compliance that we are also expected to do as a business in the UK. Of the suppliers based in countries outside of the EU, the majority of these suppliers are part of the MULTIVAC group of companies and therefore operate within the MULTIVAC code of conduct as established by our German parent company. On this basis, the risk of trading with them is significantly mitigated by these expectations.
Each of our suppliers are reviewed for suitability prior to Multivac UK formally engaging them. As part of the approvals process, we will consider numerous factors, which will include elements such as: a review of the business relationship to date; organisational reputation; nature of goods or services supplied; markets and countries supplied to; nature of supplier review process and schedule established with them; financial value and frequency of supply; accreditations and compliance met. We will also factor government trade controls at the time of assessment to inform our reviews.
As a business, we have identified that the supply of films potentially holds the greatest risk when it comes to Modern Slavery. We are proactive in closely managing our small number of film suppliers in line with BRC requirements and this year we again successfully passed another audit across the board. We hold regular reviews with our film suppliers to ensure a supply that is fit for our customers and suitable for our ongoing business relationships. Additional factors that are considered with regards to film suppliers extend to manufacturing sites to ensure their products are suitable for the heavily regulated UK food and medical industries.

Multivac Policy and Procedure

In this statement year, we have reviewed our Modern Slavery policy and associated procedures and can confirm that they remain fit for purpose within our organisation. This is inclusive of our internally published documentation for employee information and support.
Our Modern Slavery email address continues to be in use for any external parties to make contact with us in relation to any concerns of Modern Slavery. For reference, the email address for this purpose is The mailbox continues to be monitored and all relevant correspondence will be handled in line with our Modern Slavery incident reporting procedure.
This statement has been approved by Jim Campbell, Managing Director Multivac UK on 29 June 2021.


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